Chabad Hebrew School is a contemporary learning program that successfully caters to Jewish families from all walks of life. We welcome you, regardless of your religious background, level of observance, or affiliation. We acknowledge and respect the diversity of our children, while emphasizing Jewish values of family, community, caring, joy, tradition, and rituals.

At Chabad Hebrew School, we offer quality Jewish education. Your child will learn to read Hebrew, explore Jewish life and Holidays, and develop a pride in their Jewish identity. Our hands-on and experiential approach will give your child an excitement for learning and a deep appreciation for Judaism.

Classes will be held weekly for 1.5 hours at Chabad of Jackson. We provide small class sizes and individual attention.  Each class is designed to help you reach your educational goals for your children. Topics include:

  • Hebrew reading

  • Jewish history

  • Tefillah (prayer)

  •  Parsha (weekly Torah portion)

  •  Jewish Holidays

  •  Jewish stories and songs

  •  Mitzvot

  • Community Values

Our prices are competitive and all-inclusive. There are no membership fees, book fees, or registration fees.

We do our best to make our program accessible to all Jewish families. No child is ever turned away from our programs due to lack lack of funds. 

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have!




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