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Lesson 4: The World of Chaos

The fourth lesson introduces the Kabbalistic depiction of the chaotic world of Tohu, the primeval shattering of consciousness, and its attribution to the human experience of inner conflict.

We explore the Kabbalistic dynamic of orot and keilim, lights and vessels, as predispositions to transcendence and embodiment; how the shattering of

Tohu originates in the vacuum of purpose in orot and keilim.

And then, tikkun, a process of cosmic repair that is Tohu’s purpose. We consider the Etz Chaim’s assertion that man’s mission is to repair and elevate the world and how this idea fueled the ideology of early Chasidism, such as the Me’or Einayim’s articulation of the value of “holy service” and Chabad philosophy’s emphasis on transforming the nefesh habehamit, man’s “animal” soul.

October 19th, 2023 7:00 PM
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